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New Year Resolutions

I am a tad skeptical about New Year resolutions. Largely because, at least from personal experience, they are quickly forgotten and failed. However, that reality is not stopping me from making a few resolutions this year. I like to call the following my Book Resolutions of 2013. Or, the Make-me-smarter Resolutions. Or, For-goodness-sake-read-something-other-than-children’s-literature Resolutions. Ha. … Continue reading

Momhood / Reading


I love being home, especially now that Juni and I are establishing a routine. (who knew I would get excited about things like actually having time to clean the house and organize the paperwork?) However, there are moments when I get really lonely and long for adult company and conversation. (When it’s just me and … Continue reading

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1 Month

I can hardly believe it has been one month since this precious girl made her grand entrance. Even though I am just a little tired (“little” actually means a lot), and even though life has been a roller coaster of emotions, healing and change, I couldn’t be more grateful and overwhelmed by the gift that … Continue reading