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I’m finally making some progress on that paper. (I know you care and are heaving a big sigh of relief for me.) Apparently, progress on my paper translates to absence on my blog (I hate the word blog…is there another word I can use?), and I’m sorry for that. As I keep reminding myself, July … Continue reading



Have you ever felt incapable of getting things done? UR! I keep stressing out and thinking: “I’ve got to do homework! I’ve got so much to do!” BAH! Then, when I have the time, I don’t do my homework. Instead I like to… take naps, watch tv, read books (just finished Water for Elephants), re-arrange … Continue reading

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This weekend I had class: Organization of Information. While my teacher lectured us about Aristotle, encoding standards, and the Library of Congress subject headings I felt boredom and irritation bubbling to the surface. I texted Forrest at 7:40 (p.m.): “I hate this class.” Thankfully he responded in sympathy rather than something cliche like, “you can … Continue reading