Guess what??

“Guess what?!” Little Frank whispered loudly. “What?!” I whispered back just as loudly. “I’m. about. to lose. a tooth!” (notice the strong emphasis Frank used as he whispered every word) “You lost a tooth?!” I whispered back. “He’s about to lose a tooth,” little Frank’s mom said (not in a whisper). “Oh, you’re about to … Continue reading

Library / School


I’m finally making some progress on that paper. (I know you care and are heaving a big sigh of relief for me.) Apparently, progress on my paper translates to absence on my blog (I hate the word blog…is there another word I can use?), and I’m sorry for that. As I keep reminding myself, July … Continue reading

Job / Library


Soon and very soon I hope to post some pictures of our strawberry plant (it’s a thing of beauty) and my first book review in a looooong time. For now, I’d like to tell you about doorways. During my orientation into the life and breath of Fort Vancouver Regional Library I learned that everyone has … Continue reading