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3 Months

3 months old baby!

3 month old baby!


Everyone told me it would go fast.


Hmm...what is that?

Hmm…what is that?


But I had no idea how true that would be.


I think I like looking at my feet better.

I think I like looking at my feet better.


Now that Juniper is a whopping 3 months, here are a few of the things she loves:

  • Smiling. I love this one! When she wakes up in the morning and sees either me or Forrest she flashes us the best smile, complete with a full body kick of excitement. This girl will smile at everyone – her doctor, people at church, family, friends, even Francie.
  • Neck control. Gone are the days of a wobbly head. She loves holding her head up and taking in the world around her.
  • Faces. One of our favorite books to read is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and the pages that hold her focus the longest have human faces on them. Our librarian, Jane, says that means she is social. I love that.
  • Bath time. She has loved baths from the very beginning, especially because bath time is Juni and Daddy time. It’s pretty stinkin’ adorable.
  • Talking. I love hearing and watching her figure out her voice. She always makes us laugh with the outrageous noises she makes. The best.

There are a few things we are still trying to figure out together. She is not the biggest fan of tummy time, which I think is pretty common, and afternoon naps have been a struggle. I am learning the balance of taking advice but going with my gut instinct, which is not easy.

For three months we have had the privilege of hugging, snuggling, kissing, playing, and soothing the most precious baby I have ever met.

I’m not biased or anything.

Seriously, I love being Juniper’s mom. It can be hard and exhausting but it is also the best job I have ever had. I actually love that my shoulders normally have drool on them and sometimes I have spit up in my hair. I love the smiles, the occasional belly laugh, and the baby babbles. These days feel so fleeting and so beautiful, and I am trying to soak it up as much as I can.







2 thoughts on “3 Months

  1. As I logged on today I had my fingers crossed in hopes that a Juniper story would be posted. With pictures! And. Oh. My. Word! I’m in love. Always will be. Welcome to our world Juniper Elizabeth. Welcome to our hearts!

    Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!!

  2. Dear Lord, she’s beautiful. And hilarious. Her personality is HUGE – I can just see it in the pictures – and so very lovable. What a precious girl! And way to go on the “soaking it up” attitude and figuring out the balance of taking advice with going what you think. ALWAYS lean more toward what you think! Though of course, that’s my advice, so I guess it contradicts itself…

    Good job Libs and Forrest and Juni (and Francie) on being such a wonderful family! I love you all!

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