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I love being home, especially now that Juni and I are establishing a routine.

(who knew I would get excited about things like actually having time to clean the house and organize the paperwork?)

However, there are moments when I get really lonely and long for adult company and conversation.

(When it’s just me and June I tend to say one word over and over – hi. See the video at the end of this post for proof.)

Thankfully, Forrest had the last two days off and I LOVED having him around.

And not just because he made me a pecan pie.

It’s not like I’m trying to lose weight or anything, right?

Our ‘weekend’ included plenty of:

  • Early morning family snuggles, coffee, and 101 Dalmations
  • Chinese food that tasted great but gave us horrible headaches (thanks MSG)
  • Walks to the library
  • Reading Grace Lin’s newest, “Starry River of the Sky” to each other
  • Acting silly and ridiculous to get the baby to smile and coo – amazing.

When it is just me and Juniper hanging out I go by her schedule. She lets me know when she is ready to eat or nap or have her diaper changed. It is working out pretty well…except for the nights where she really doesn’t want to sleep and I really do want to sleep.

I love the sleepy cuddle time, but I also love when she is happy and alert after a feeding. We stare at each other and I make all kinds of ridiculous high-pitched sounds to get her to smile or coo. I love that she is waking up more and more and showing us her sweet personality. She still has at least one or two really grumpy sessions a day, but her smiles get me through.

Also, this girl has the craziest hair in the world. When she was born it was so dark, but it is steadily getting lighter and wavier. I love how the top of her hair always sticks up.

Now, when Juniper is napping or sitting contentedly in her swing I like to putter about the house, read, put movies on, and putter about the internet.

It’s rather lovely.

For instance, I love setting small, attainable goals each day. Like, clean off the dining room table (how does it get SO cluttered???), file paperwork, clean the bathroom, vacuum the downstairs, etc. I am so thankful for the time and ability to organize and clean my home. It kind of feels like a luxury.

I have been reading the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny and I am in love. They are exactly the kind of mystery I like – cozy & thought provoking. I just finished book 4 of the series and I gasped out loud when the murderer was revealed. She fools me every time!

I have been watching Harry Potter movies, Pride & Prejudice (BBC version, of course), Dick Van Dyke (oldie but a goody), Project Runway, and New Girl. Most of the time the tv is on while I am puttering.

Oh the internet. Facebook is such a time waster, and I am trying to spend time doing other things instead of becoming a Facebook zombie. I am also in love with Goodreads. Here is my profile. Are we friends?

Well, that is what is happening around here. Not terribly exciting, but lovely all the same.

Now, enjoy this cuteness:



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