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1 Month

I can hardly believe it has been one month since this precious girl made her grand entrance.

Even though I am just a little tired (“little” actually means a lot), and even though life has been a roller coaster of emotions, healing and change, I couldn’t be more grateful and overwhelmed by the gift that is Juniper Elizabeth Johnson.

Soon after Juniper was born I started to mentally compose her birth story to share with you. However, since I have been home and had a little more time to really reflect over that experience I have decided not to share it.


The reason(s) for this:

The process of giving birth is vulnerable and private. Granted, it wasn’t so private with a room full of doctors, nurses, a fantastic mid wife, parents, sisters, doula and spouse, but let me tell you that when you’re in that moment the only thing you are focused on is that baby. Everyone and everything else was kind of muted for me as I labored to bring Juniper out into the world. It was very, very surreal.

The process of giving birth is beautiful and should be shared…but the thing is, I want to choose who I share it with. Selfish? Maybe. But this experience has reminded me that not everything needs to be shared and that is okay.

Now, I love reading birth stories, so I feel kind of bad withholding my own. However, chances are, if I know you I want to share it with you. I just don’t want to publish it for the whole world to read.

(Oh, didn’t you know the whole world reads this blog?)


I’ll just say this about the labor experience: the Lord blessed me with a relatively short labor and He surrounded me with the best people in the whole world to encourage and support me through. In fact, He has continued to bless me with people who have given of their time, kitchens, and arms to walk with me through something that is both terrifying and wonderful in its newness.

So…can we still be friends? I promise to share all kinds of Juniper pictures and stories in the future. In fact, I’m totally going to over-share in that department, trust me.

Juniper, I’m so glad you came on October 1st, and I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with you…even the sleepy ones. You are one in a million and I love being your momma. Keep the smiles coming…you have no idea how much they mean.



2 thoughts on “1 Month

  1. Well done!!

    Juniper has been blessed with a momma that is wise and wonderful. Her life is going to be a grand adventure and I can’t wait to be one of it’s witnesses!

    I’m so glad we have a ring side seat! :)

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