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Week 36…and 35… and 34

Week 36

Can you even believe it?

36 weeks

Highlights of week 36 so far:

  • We had an ultrasound this week and baby is head down.

Baby, please stay that way, okay?


  • We also got to see the baby find his/her thumb and start sucking on it, which was pretty heart melting for this momma and daddy.
  • The house is getting more and more organized (thanks to my crazy nesting hormones) and baby’s ‘corner’ is starting to come together. At some point this weekend I plan on making a modified version of this mobile. I’ll post pictures when it’s done.
  • We received the car seat in the mail this week!

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

  • We also received a few of the diapers we registered for. We have decided to go the cloth diaper route and we are so thankful any time someone decides to send us one.

Week 35

35 weeks

Highlights of week 35:

  • Mom visit!! I am so thankful for the week that my mom was here. We ran errands, ate good food, watched a lot of Project Runway, and had several heart to hearts. It was hard to see her leave, but she’ll be back as soon as this baby decides to come!
  • Baby shower! Thank you to those who came to my baby shower! I feel so blessed by all of the diapers, clothes, blankets, and love that have been heaped on me and this baby.
  • Graduation! Thank you to those who came to watch me get ‘hooded.’ Again, I am so blessed by the people in my life!
  • Lesta, Christina and Annika came for a short visit! It was so good to see them and watch them get excited about the baby visibly moving around.

Before I move on to week 34, here are some precious Francie gems:


She had me laughing so hard in this next one. She loves relaxing in the sun.

First born

Oh, how much our lives are about to change. :)

Week 34

34 weeks

Highlights of week 34:

  • Celebration of 34 weeks with baby Juniper or baby Arthur.

Baby, I have loved these months where I get you all to myself, but I am starting to feel impatient for you to join the outside world. I can’t wait to hug your little body and kiss your sweet face. 

  • Celebration of 4 years with my love.

Forrest, I can hardly believe that it has already been 4 years. I am so thankful you are my husband and friend.


You are my hero.


One thought on “Week 36…and 35… and 34

  1. Sigh….good sigh though. Savoring the memories of eight days… tho they went way too fast! Can’t wait to see the mobile. So perfect for Juniper or Arthur’s corner. I have a whole new appreciation for birds…thank you Forrest for a day of “Birding” in Ridgefield :)

    Counting the weeks. Days. Hours. Minutes and seconds until I get to come back. Can you tell I’m a tad excited?

    And I just have to say…Oh Fran…you are hysterical.

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