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33 weeks

I have been pregnant for 33 weeks.

On the one hand, where has the time gone?

On the other hand, guys! I was pregnant on New Year’s Day.


That is some significant time.

I have about 7 weeks left (right?), and I am praying (and hoping) that baby waits to come until he/she is healthy, strong, and ready to join us on the outside.

I have had a few baby showers (and been really, really bad about photographing the events), but I have been so blessed by the  abundance of baby clothes, diapers, and other necessities.

Initially, Forrest and I decided not to buy a dresser or changing table; rather, we were going to make room for baby with the space we have available. Then…we realized it might be nice to have a place to put all of baby’s stuff without having to get rid of/stress about de-cluttering our own space. We found a dresser on craigslist for a bargain and I LOVE it. It will double as a changing table on the top, once we get a changing pad.


Dresser of happiness


The picture shows it as a darker yellow than it is. Think soft yellow.




I washed all of the baby clothes we have received so far, and there is a definite pattern of yellow, polka dots, stripes and giraffes.


Also, there is something about taking those tiny, perfect little clothes off the hanger, clipping off the tags, washing them and putting them in the drawer that makes this baby’s arrival so real. The clothes go from being, “aw, cute!” to, “this belongs to my baby.”



We’ve also decided to go the cloth diaper route, and we received the first of many (I hope) at the last shower.


The pattern on this one is smarty-pants math. Maybe it will make the baby smarter??

Finally, because I know this is really why you read this blog, here is a picture of me and baby at a glorious 33 weeks.



Thanks for reading.





One thought on “33 weeks

  1. This makes me weepy. The good kind of weepy. Sweet kind of weepy. Can’t wait til the 20th!!

    Sigh….yep…sweet sweet weepy’s.

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