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30 weeks

30 weeks

On Monday, Forrest and I drove to Silver Falls for a little hiking adventure.

It was beautiful, and it was so nice to spend some uninterrupted time with this fella…


I will say this about hiking, despite the beauty of nature, I think I get tired a lot quicker these days. Is it any wonder when I’m carting around an extra person?

However, Forrest is the best encourager in the world.

“You can do it!”

“Almost there!”

I think he is going to be a pretty spectacular labor coach when the time comes, don’t you?

At one point, we were able to walk behind the waterfall you saw in the first picture.


Pregnancy update:

So far, baby and mom are doing great. I had a doctor appointment on Monday, and it was one of the best appointments I have had so far.

First of all, getting my blood pressure taken is always an ordeal. I’m always so stressed out by the hospital environment, and the numbers always reflect that. This time, my favorite nurse was on duty (yes!) and she let me sit in the exam room for a few minutes before taking my blood pressure. Then, I focused on my breathing, and my b.p. was the best it has been.


Midwife, husband, and everyone involved were extremely happy.

Then we talked to our midwife about some labor stuff, and it was all so positive.

I was worried about not being able to eat during labor, but my midwife said that as long as baby’s heart rate is good I can definitely eat!


I would like to be able to sit in a tub in order to relax during labor, and Kaiser has two tubs and virtually no waiting to use them.

Huzzah again!

Then, I really want the baby to be put directly on me as soon as he/she makes his/her entrance, but I had heard that some hospitals take the baby right away to do whatever they need to do. But, my midwife said that as soon as baby comes out, he/she will be placed on my belly and Forrest can announce the gender.

Huzzah again… again!

Anyway, it was all so encouraging, and it made me feel more confident about a hospital birth and thankful that I will have a midwife.

(I’m purposefully leaving out some other “huzzah” moments so that some of my readers will not be grossed out and then be forever horrified by my blog. If you are interested in those “huzzahs” let me know and I’ll message you!)

Now, I am focusing on my final two weeks of grad school (say what??) and nesting and reading and crocheting.

Also, I have my first shower tomorrow afternoon, and I feel blessed beyond measure by my church family for celebrating baby’s life with me.

I’ll post pictures and stories about it next week.



2 thoughts on “30 weeks

  1. Hooray for July being a “Huzzah” kind of month!! And, I for one, love any and all the details :)

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the shower and hear all about it! Wish I could be there…sigh….but I am in spirit…Huzzah! (Though the sigh feels a tad louder than the huzzah this time.) But the story of Stella and her seeing your belly for the first time…keeps me smiling.

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