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Happy 3rd & 4th

July is usually the time when summer finally comes to stay.

The jury is still out on whether that will be the case for 2012; however, today has been beautiful, sunny, and a perfect 70 degrees.

Summer makes me think of berries, especially the ones that come from my very own yard.


It makes me think of hamburgers on the grill and homemade hamburger buns.

I am pretty excited to try these out tonight. I used a recipe from here, and it was SO easy, which is exactly what a pregnant-trying-to-finish-grad-school-girl likes to hear.

Oh yeah, and then there is this…

We have officially transitioned into the 3rd trimester!

And Fran could care less.

I’m not sure if the ruler is supposed to convey how big I am going to get (oh gosh), or just how far I’ve come (again, oh gosh). In any case, I love that all four members of the Johnson family are present and accounted for.

We are getting more and more excited to meet this little person, and I can’t stop wondering what he/she will look like.

Pregnancy has not been without its ups and downs. Last week I went in for my glucose test and flunked it.

(I really hate these tests where I can’t study and prepare.)

So, my doctor told me I had to endure the three hour glucose test.

For those who are not familiar, for the three hour test you have to fast for ten hours prior. Then you go in and the nice phlebotomist takes your fasting blood. Thirty minutes later they give you twice the concentration of glucose that was administered during the first test and you guzzle that in five minutes. Just try to imagine a really, really sweet Sprite without the carbonation.


Then they take your blood at one hour…

…two hours…

and three hours.

Oh yeah, and even though you feel nauseated from the sugar coma, they tell you that if you throw up you’ll just have to take the test over again another time.


Thankfully, I did not chuck my non-existent cookies.

Plus also, I passed!!

Bring on the cookies and ice cream!!

(just kidding)

(sort of)

So far, baby and mamma are healthy and co-existing nicely. Except when baby uses mamma’s bladder as a trampoline during a hike and mamma has to consider whether it is worth it to squat along the side of the trail even though there are tons of people around.

Oh the dignity that is pregnancy!

I hope you are all enjoying a happy and safe 4th!

your very pregnant friend, who is only going to get larger in the coming three months.



One thought on “Happy 3rd & 4th

  1. I have no idea how you do all that you do…school. Baking homemade hamburger buns. Working. Hiking trails. Having to go through the dreaded glucose test…twice!! And not to mention…baking a baby! You amaze me….actually…you are my hero!! Wish I could hug you and feel baby move. And hug Forrest and Fran too. :) You are the perfect foursome! Smiling really big over here.

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