Cavities, Authors, & Pancakes (oh my)

8: Cavities. Yep, you heard me. After a three year hiatus from the dentist (never again) my dentist found 8 small areas of decay that, while not particularly urgent to fix, could someday turn into root canal material. Yuck. I haven’t had a cavity in years and could only vaguely remember what it was like; therefore, I had worked myself up into an unnecessary tizzy. It turned out to be just fine. My dentist and his assistant were so wonderful that I wanted to hug them after they drilled and filled 5 of the 8 cavities on Monday. This upcoming Monday I go in again to have the remaining 3 done. Why hello floss! You are my new best friend.

1: Author. Last weekend Forrest and I went to Wordstock (a yearly conference featuring all things literary) and were in author heaven. We met Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis who signed our copy of Wildwood and then we met and chatted it up with Jonathan Auxier, author of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. This is his first novel and it is wonderful. I wrote a review about it here. After the weekend I decided to email him and ask if he would be willing to do an online interview that would be featured on my new blog…here. He wrote me back within the hour and the interview is forthcoming. I am over the moon. In addition to posting an interview I’ll also be doing a giveaway of his book. Tell everyone.

A lot: Pancakes. In honor of the season I am making pumpkin pancakes tomorrow and eating till my stomach hurts. Pictures and recipe to follow.



2 thoughts on “Cavities, Authors, & Pancakes (oh my)

  1. What a ful”filling” week!! :) Your weekend with all things “author and books” sounds positively delightful. I’m glad that your Monday with the drill was better than anticipated….no big drill with a sweaty hairy guy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and an unsightly butt crack…sorry that’s the guy from the side of the road with a jackhammer! :) Whew.

    Wish we could come for breakfast. Pumpkin pancakes and coffee. Drooling here!! Enjoy!! Then you can lean back and hold your belly and say “I think I hurt myself”….just like Bop-bop.

    And…your dad got the same floss lecture this past week. Floss however….is not his best friend…yet…. but he’s working on it.

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