I love it, don’t you?

Of course, not all food is good for you. Some of it clings to certain aspects of the human body like a sloth to a tree. With this in mind, I decided to give up corn and soy products as well as vegetable oil for a week. I just wanted to see if I felt any different, or, bonus, lost any weight.

Well, I can honestly say I did feel better and that makes me feel like I lost weight, but I don’t have a scale so who knows.

Through this process I learned just how many food items contain corn, soy, and vegetable oil. It is crazy!

Despite my self-control I still consumed some pretty fantastic food this week. Take a look at the goodness created in my kitchen:

Potato Pizza of Awesome

Seriously guys, this pizza was awesome. The crust was delightfully thin and a little bit sweet and the potatoes had been soaking in a salt brine all day so they added a nice savory flavor.

Melt in your mouth Chicken

My friend Laura gave me this recipe, and I now my life is complete. I am only slightly exaggerating. The lemon, cinnamon, sage, garlic, and milk create a flavor explosion. Oddly enough, it reminded me of Thanksgiving stuffing. I wish I had taken a picture of it cooked, but we devoured it so quickly that taking a picture would only have slowed us down. Is it gross to look at an uncooked chicken picture? If so, I’m sorry. In fact, here is a picture of it cooked, although you should know that this is not the same chicken as pictured above:


Plum Cobbler

This cobbler is fall. The top has a biscuit-like texture that is oh-so-heavenly and the plums are rich, sweet, and syrupy. Eat it warm and eat it often and you are guaranteed to have a fabulous fall moment. Or several moments if you are like me and want to eat the entire thing in one sitting.

If any of these pictures pique your interest or taste buds and you’d like the recipe just leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send it to you post hence!

Happy fall!



One thought on “FOOD

  1. Finally!! Thank you for posting something. I was going through withdrawals!!!

    The recipes look fabulous. Send them our way.

    Can I ask….again….why you are dieting? You are perfect. Seriously. Wish you believed me :)

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