Oy with the fleas already

Important life lesson:

If you have in your possession a canine or a feline make sure you administer flea medication to them weekly.

Just do it. Even if you think your pet will be the exception and won’t get fleas you should still give them monthly flea treatments. Learn from my mistakes, okay?

If you are friends with me on Facebook you already know about my flea ridden dog, house, and life. It got so out of control (i.e. fleas on me when I got to work, biting Forrest on his lip which then swelled up to twice its size, bites all over my legs, picking fleas off of Fran and not being able to get all of them, etc) that I thought I was going to lose it.

The thing with fleas is that they have several life stages and are impossible to get rid of by yourself. We tried all kinds of home remedies and sprays and finally succumbed to calling an exterminator to take care of it for us.

It’s been an interesting experience, to say the least.

Even though we have had a bad case of flea-itis that is no excuse for my absence here on the Quest. I offer my sincere apologies.

I have things to tell you!

Books I’ve been reading,

recipes that make my life easier,

and some Fall adventures with family.

All of that is coming soon…

I promise…

You can trust me.

Oh, and go get some flea medicine for your pet. You won’t regret it.



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