Just call me Awkward…

Awkward Story #1

Last Saturday, Forrest and I went to a release party for Picket Line. Usually, when Forrest wants to go to events where I only know a handful of people I opt out. I just don’t do strangers or chit-chat well. Let me rephrase that: if I am in a customer service position I love it, but in a party setting I am horrible at it. I love greeting people at the library, asking them about their day, and answering all their questions; however, at a party I feel insecure, tiny, and wish I could just sit in a corner and read.

Sad, but true.

But I actually wanted to go with Forrest to this party. I loved Picket Line and I wanted to support the author, Breena, and I was in a pretty good mood.

The party was really nice, but my awkward tendencies were in fine form. I did sit in the corner, but not because I didn’t want to talk to anyone. The house was pushing the upper 80’s in temperature and the corner was where the window and nice, cool breeze was located. So I parked myself there and enjoyed a slice of cake. Unfortunately, due to the glorious breeze my bangs (pre-cut) kept getting in my eyes, so I had to keep swooshing them over. Apparently, during one of my swooshes I smeared white frosting all up my nose and forehead.

Here’s the awkward part: I didn’t realize I had done it.

Thankfully, Breena, wonderful person she is, informed me of this.



Whew…have you recovered from that story?

Yes? Okay, let’s move on to the next.

Awkward Story #2

On Monday morning, being a good wife and all, I took Forrest to work.

I have Monday’s off so I decided to just run my errands after dropping the hubs off. First stop was Winco.

Background story imperative to the story: For breakfast I had a piece of toast with a little bit of butter on it. The bread we have is amazing, but is also chock full of seeds.

So, I go to Winco, and I’m a happy camper. I have a shopping list, the aisles aren’t too crowded, and I have the day off. I’m smiling at people left and right.

Do you see where this is headed?

Yep, after I was safely back in my car I saw myself in the rear view mirror. Right between my two front teeth was a large piece of toast.



Whew. I don’t know about you, but that’s about all the awkward I can take right now.

On a not so awkward note, the September issue of School Library Journal came out and I have four reviews in it.



If you would like to read them, go here.

Then look for the following author names:


your awkward, reviewer friend


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