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Weekend Haps

“So, what’s the haps with you two?”
“The haps? Well, lets see. What is the haps?”
“I mean, like, ya know, what’s going. . .”
“I know what you meant by the haps.”
“Okay, well you’re repeating it like a thousand times.”
“I was pondering.”
“Well you ponder really slowly.”

Bonus points if you can tell me where that conversation took place.

Hint: It is from a TV show.

So, the ‘haps’ from our weekend included some homemade ice cream:

Be still my beating heart:

I was the master cookie smasher:

Why yes, I did get my bangs trimmed!

Thanks for asking!

The haps also included this one getting fleas from those darn feral cats:

Only a face a mother could love.

I also started the book, The Help:

This book is so good that I don’t want to do anything else but read it.


Darn you homework, laundry, and other domestic chores!!!

How was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “Weekend Haps

  1. I have no idea where the quote comes from, BUT the fact that you have an ice cream maker and we haven’t enjoyed it together makes me shake my head – I’m thinking ice cream game night!? yes??

  2. Do I get a bowl of cookie smashed ice cream if I get it right??? I’m thinking GG…right??? Snappy dialogue just like we like it :)

    By the way, love your bangs!!! Frames your beautiful face.

    Hope the fleas have done gone bye bye. How do you like that for sentence structure…and to think I taught you “everfing” I know :)

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