Yachats Love

Last week at this time Forrest and I were in Yachats, Oregon celebrating our third year of marriage.

On Sunday morning we got up early to take advantage of the low tide.

We saw starfish,

plenty of sea anemones,

and the great, big ocean!

I would post more pictures of myself on this morning excursion, but I look a little like Quasimodo. Seriously, whenever I’m super tired and don’t have makeup glossed over my eyes I have a serious eye droop. It isn’t pretty. So instead we’ll enjoy the ocean views and cute Forrest together.



Yachats is a wonderful vacation spot. It doesn’t feel as overrun as some of the other coastal towns and the beach is pretty rocky, which is great for tide pool viewing. We were able to visit:

  • a bookstore,
  • an amazing coffee shop called the Green Salmon (thanks for the recommendation Mayfield’s!) where we warmed up after the early morning low tide adventure,
  • the local library where I happily envisioned myself bustling around planning programs and shelving books,
  •  a small wine shop where there was a free wine tasting, and
  • an ice cream/candy store where we had Tillamook ice cream cones.

Honestly, the trip was not long enough. I had no idea how relaxing the sound of waves are or how rejuvenating a change in location can be. I hope that our next visit to the Chickadee cottage will be longer…

Okay, so this video might make you a little sea sick (ha! get it??) because I was moving the camera around so much to catch all the wave action, so watch at your own risk..




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