Russian Frank

So there are three kids who come to the library almost every day. They spend close to an hour looking at books, asking me where the books on rabbits (or other small animals) are kept, and playing on computers. I think the kids are all related: the oldest is a boy around 11 or 12, and then the sister (who is so sweet) is probably 9 or 10, and the youngest is a little guy who is probably 4. The two older kids speak both English and Russian, but little Frank, to the best of my knowledge, only speaks Russian.

Yesterday, Frank gave me a picture he had colored.

So sweet.

Then, as I was looking for books on the shelf I heard a noise…

(shuffle, shuffle, shuffle)

Slowly I turned and there was little Frank.

I turned back to my task and noticed that Frank had pulled out a random book to look at along the same shelf where I was looking. Mind you, I was in the non-fiction section, which does not necessarily have a lot of material geared for four-year olds. I figured he was not there just to find a book on, say, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, brilliant though it may be.

I also noticed that when I bent down to look at a book on a bottom shelf that Frank would mimic my movement. Then I noticed that whenever I went down a different aisle I would hear the same shuffle, shuffle, shuffle and there he would be, trailing close behind.


At one point he just sat down on the little window seat and stared at me while I worked in his line of vision. As soon as he couldn’t see me anymore he’d hop down and come find me.

This little Frank is so, so cute and I loved that he followed me around for a while, including popping up to surprise me every once in a while with a huge smile on his face.

Now I just need to learn some Russian so I can do more than smile at him and hand him Dr. Seuss books. Da?




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