Polly Want a Cracker?

Happy Monday!

On Sunday morning Forrest brought me this flower from our yard.

So beautiful.


This weekend was not quite as busy as last weekend, but that was actually pretty nice.

Since I have a small window of rest before school starts up again I have been reading like a crazy person. Most of the books I read would be cataloged as juvenile or young adult, which I am perfectly content with; however, sometimes I get an itch to read something a little…well…smarter.

So on Saturday Forrest and I trekked down to Powell’s where I sold a few books so I could buy this one:

I’ll let you know how it goes.

On Sunday Forrest and I went to the Clark County Fair and saw all kinds of baby animals and 4H projects. Alas and alack, I forgot my camera…

Fortunately, Forrest snapped these on his camera phone:

We went to this parrot show where the smaller birds would fly into the audience to take a dollar back to the stage. Pretty clever trick.

The show was actually pretty good because the pirate presenting took a more educational approach, and all of us left with a better understanding of parrots and our part in saving the environment.

At the end, we could all line up and hold one of the bigger parrots. So cool.

Darn bird wouldn’t look at the camera.

All in all a lovely weekend. How was yours?




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