Weekend Shenanigans

Today is Saturday, but this post is about last weekend.

Talk about tardy posting.

On Friday night (now this is last week Friday not last night Friday. Confused? Me too.) Forrest and I went to Flicks on the Bricks and saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. For those who don’t know, Flicks on the Bricks is an event that happens every summer in downtown Portland. A huge screen, I’m talking HUGE, is set up in Pioneer Square, people bring blankets and chairs, and when the sun goes down the movie starts. The first movie I saw like this was Jaws with my parents, Laura, and Forrest. It was the absolute best way to see that shark chomp down on that girl for the first time.

But this time Forrest and I got to see Harrison Ford and Sean Connery up close and personal.

Swoon…big time.

There is something about Indiana Jones that evokes strong childhood emotion and memory. I am a dork, and I know this to be true.

So, Friday night was definitely a thumb’s up.

On Saturday we found out that Title Wave (Multnomah County Library’s discounted bookstore) was having a blow out sale.

Oh. my. gosh.

Usually books are $1.50 a pop, but on Saturday they were 55% off of that.


I bought all three Dragon Tattoo books for…

(drum roll please)


I’m not even kidding you right now.

All three of them = $2.25

I was so excited I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there at the counter. The day before I had actually checked out the first book from the library to read during my school respite, but now I own all of them.


Then we went berry picking and I got a nice little sunburn. As soon as we started picking blueberries I could feel my skin sizzle and I felt like an idiot for forgetting to bring sun screen.

Curse you fair skin!

In any case, many berries were picked and our freezer is now full and happy.


On top of that, Forrest made blueberry syrup.

Then we bbq’d hot dogs and relaxed and then I fell asleep from 6:30-9. Oops. What can I say? The sun wears me out.

Saturday = amazing.

Sunday we visited a church, read books, went to the library (because we obviously don’t have enough to read), and played Settlers of Catan.

Then on Monday I made zucchini bread from all of the zucchini in our yard:


And, I’m learning how to crochet granny squares (thanks Katie!!):

Whew. All in all a terrific weekend.

But, wait!

What about this weekend??

Our plans include a zine convention of sorts and a visit to the Clark County Fair to look at baby pigs.


Pictures will be taken and then posted post hence.

Or more like they’ll be posted next weekend knowing my track record.




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