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There is so much to tell you! To name a few:

  • Missy and Caleb’s most recent visit
  • Two class weekends
  • Little Frank stories
  • Book reviews
  • and much, much more…

My summer semester is finally wrapping up and I feel like I can breathe again, which also means I can start updating this blog more often.

Thank goodness.

I do plan on telling you about the aforementioned events, however, I do not plan on doing so today.

It’s okay. No tears are necessary.

Today you get to read about an ingenious guy, a ukulele, and the future of public library story times.

As most of you know, I plan on using my ever-increasing storehouse of  library powers in a public library  – who knows where – in the children and youth services department. That means, one of my future job duties will be coordinating and leading story times. I’ll admit that the prospect of reading and singing to a bunch of little kiddos makes me nervous, but it also makes me excited. I think that is a good sign.

Story times are a wonderful opportunity to teach children ages 0-5 early literacy skills, which prepares them for reading and academic success in school. There are  a ton of studies showing the benefits and success rates of children who are exposed to literacy skills at an early age, but I won’t inundate you with those here.

What you need to know is this, during a typical story time children get to listen to a story (or two or three), and they get to sing songs.

So I wanted to approach this whole story time/song thing a little differently, so awhile ago I told Forrest that I wanted to be the crazy children’s librarian who played a ukulele.

I know, I know.

The thought of singing acapella doesn’t really float my boat, and those sing along tapes make me shudder on the inside. But…playing a ukulele is fun and different and will hopefully get the kids excited.

(There is the issue of needing to use my hands to do motions with the songs, which is a really important part of early literacy. Obviously, I can’t quite play the ukulele and do hand motions at the same time. Solution: I plan on having some kind of awesome assistant who can do the hand motions for me.)

Well, wouldn’t you know that my sweet, wonderful husband actually made me a ukulele. Not only did he make me a beautiful instrument that sounds amazing, he also designed an ‘e’ into the thing that also looks like a book.



I am still learning how to play it (my fingers hurt like the dickens), but here is a video of my love strumming away:


Thank you Forrest. You are the best.

Up next: visit with Caleb




One thought on “Ukulele

  1. Can I just say that I am over the moon impressed with the skills of my adorable son-in-law and adorable daughter!! As I sit here in CM, Thailand I feel like I’m connected to home and it brings a huge smile to my face and heart. I have a feeling I will be playing it… A. LOT!! Thank you for making my day.

    Ok ants are crawling on me and dad just said there is a spider the size of Texas on the way to our room….what to do…what to do??? I hate spiders!! Not fond of the ants that keep showing up all over me either. But at least I have a happy heart and big smile from this sweet visit with the two …er…three of you. Hello sweet Fran!

    How adorable is Caleb…oh my word. A. D. O. R. A. B. L. E.

    Ok so wonder what it means when the locals are chattering and looking at you and then laughing? Probably don’t want to know. Maybe I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe? Or …..oh heck….ants and now a huge flying something that could carry Fran away and it’s not a bird….insect!!!

    Out of here.

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