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famous last words…

Earlier this week I bought a Groupon for Fandago movie tickets. I just couldn’t pass up $2 tickets – wowza.

Anyway, Forrest immediately suggested we go see Super 8, which he had talked about in the past. I had never heard of it, but he assured me that I would love it. He said it was reminiscent of The Goonies and all those action movies (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc) that are so near and dear to my heart.

So, tonight we cashed in our tickets, walked to the closest movie theater, and settled in.

Oh. my. goodness.

You must see this movie. It was amazing, heart-stopping, funny, endearing, blah, blah, blah.

Seriously though. I about peed my pants a few times from the suspense/jump out at you scenes, and I laughed pretty hard too (which can also make me pee my pants, but not this time).

Anyway, on our walk home with the sun setting in the west, (it is the west, right?) Forrest said, “Isn’t it nice to know that when we get home the house is clean and put back together?”

Let me back up: this weekend our house was project central. I was working on a poster for school (yes, I am in grad school not grade school) and Forrest was making a homemade amp out of an old record player. Needless to say, our house looked like something had blown up or thrown up all over it; however, before we left for the movie the house was lookin’ pretty good. It’s amazing what a broom and a little hard work can accomplish.

Anyhoo, Forrest said “Isn’t it nice…”, but when he opened our front door I heard him say, “oh no…”

Yeah…we left the garbage open and available for little Ms. Fran to do with as she pleased. She had tipped over the garbage and pulled/shredded all of its contents. Corn husks, a raw chicken container, and shredded foil were just some of the treats strewn across our rug.


I just thought you should know what we have to deal with. I usually post pictures of her looking all sweet and innocent.

But now you know the truth.

I can rest easy knowing that you know.

And for your viewing pleasure:



One thought on “famous last words…

  1. Oh Fran. You are a super power all on your own. What kind? Not sure. But Stella…from the same gene pool…is one too. While we ate dinner with Brian and Jami she was quietly pulling out the fibers of the carpet under our feet. Yep. There was a pile of perfectly uniform pieces. As if it were a mosaic not quite finished. Or to be exact! It looked like a huge pile of worms or blackish bugs that were swarming. It’s Jami’s fault really…she wouldn’t let Stella lick her toes while she ate. Jami. Jami. Jami. :)

    Thanks for the movie clip. We can’t wait to see it!!!

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