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Raise your hand if you love coffee.

Well, I do.

Apparently so does Fran.

(you have no idea how difficult it was to get this poor quality picture.)

If you have not discovered the joy that is The Pioneer Woman you should drop everything you’re doing and go peruse her site. Seriously. She is a funny writer, posts amazing recipes, and frequently does giveaway’s.

Awhile back she posted an iced coffee recipe and it is amazing.


This recipe really is perfect for the warmer days us Portland people have been enjoying. It is cool and refreshing and packs a punch (aka: it is really strong).

Here is the recipe!

(yes…it does make that much coffee. no…i didn’t intentionally place the TJ’s half and half beside it to be cutesy. yes…those are no-sugar-mini- chocolate-chip cheesecakes made by my mother.)



2 thoughts on “Coffee!

  1. I LOVE the iced coffee!!

    I LOVE the cutie Fran who raised her paw anytime..except when the camera was pointing at her :)

    Most of all…I LOVE the girl who ran the errands with me. In the heat. During the hottest time of the day. With no air-conditioning. To get all the stuff to make the iced coffee. So we could enjoy it the next morning.

    I LOVE the mornings we drank ourselves silly with that ridiculously delicious brew.

    I LOVED our “girls” week!! It was absolutely perfect. Even with your crazy neighbors who set off LOUD fireworks until 3a.m….it was still perfectly sublime.

  2. LOVE PIoneer Woman and iced coffee. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe, so how that I see that awesome glass pitcher of it in your fridge, I want to make it!

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