Library / School


I’m finally making some progress on that paper.

(I know you care and are heaving a big sigh of relief for me.)

Apparently, progress on my paper translates to absence on my blog (I hate the word blog…is there another word I can use?), and I’m sorry for that.

As I keep reminding myself, July is the month where I plan on either crumbling under all the pressure or rising victorious over the mound of assignments due, but July is also already on its way to being over (whatever the outcome) and then I’m FREEEEEEEEEEE! Until mid-August, but still!

This weekend my momma is here to make sure I’m doing all my homework and she is cooking the most fabulous meals a girl could hope for. Forrest is in Colorado for the 4th so it’s just us girls (me, mom, and fran). Mom and I have been having a great time. Yesterday I actually got a lot of work done on my paper (take that procrastination!), we took a trip to Mayberry I mean Ridgefield, went grocery shopping (twice), and have watched a bunch of Project Runway episodes. I also ate an entire package of Starbursts yesterday and then couldn’t fall asleep until way after midnight because of the sugar coursing through my veins.

Sigh. Good memories.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours! May you be spared from neighbors like mine that start celebrating with fireworks an entire week before the holiday.




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