Many moons ago my little friend Caleb came to play. Okay, okay…it wasn’t that many moons ago. It just feels like it. My dear friends, the Takano’s, came down to Portland a few Friday’s ago for lunch in the park and hang out time. It is hard to believe that Caleb is already 1 and … Continue reading

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There is so much to tell you! To name a few: Missy and Caleb’s most recent visit Two class weekends Little Frank stories Book reviews and much, much more… My summer semester is finally wrapping up and I feel like I can breathe again, which also means I can start updating this blog more often. … Continue reading


Guess what??

“Guess what?!” Little Frank whispered loudly. “What?!” I whispered back just as loudly. “I’m. about. to lose. a tooth!” (notice the strong emphasis Frank used as he whispered every word) “You lost a tooth?!” I whispered back. “He’s about to lose a tooth,” little Frank’s mom said (not in a whisper). “Oh, you’re about to … Continue reading

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Raise your hand if you love coffee. Well, I do. Apparently so does Fran. (you have no idea how difficult it was to get this poor quality picture.) If you have not discovered the joy that is The Pioneer Woman you should drop everything you’re doing and go peruse her site. Seriously. She is a … Continue reading

Library / School


I’m finally making some progress on that paper. (I know you care and are heaving a big sigh of relief for me.) Apparently, progress on my paper translates to absence on my blog (I hate the word blog…is there another word I can use?), and I’m sorry for that. As I keep reminding myself, July … Continue reading