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A Reprieve & Kittens

I think the reason I have been blogging like a maniac all week is because I have a huge paper to write for class.


While extremely excited about the topic and future implications of my paper, I’m having a tough time writing it.

So, after slogging through my research and attempting to quell my excitement into concrete and coherent thoughts that my teacher will approve of, I come here.

Here, I can write whatever I please and find the brain reprieve I need before diving back into academia writing.

Remember that little one-eyed cutie I told you about a few posts ago?

Well, I think he does have all eyes accounted for. When I first saw him he was squinting one eye pretty bad so I assumed he was just missing that eye. Now, I think I’ve caught a glimpse of the “missing” eye and am assuming that the squinting is probably the result of some alley cat fight he found himself in.

Yesterday morning they were at our front door again playing hard.

Here he is getting ready to pounce:

That gray one is so feisty. The other kitten will lose interest in playing and will walk off and then the gray will sneak up on him and pounce.

Love it.

He’s pretty much an acrobat too.

Now, I feel like I should be honest with you…the primary reason that Forrest says “no” to a cat is not because he is a tyrant of a husband. Quite the contrary. It’s just that he is really, really allergic to the feline breed. Actually, he’s allergic to the Francie breed too, but he graciously suffers through it because he knows I’d be a heartbroken mess without her.

I still like to watch this little gray guy though.

Hey buddy!

Okay, back to my paper.

Have a lovely Saturday!




One thought on “A Reprieve & Kittens

  1. i have to tell you that i love gray kittens so much that one time my friend (who was obsessed with making buttons and–side note, is in the band Cold War Kids) made me a button for my birthday that said “gray kittens” on it.

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