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A Day in the Life…

For Father’s Day I stuffed a small photo book with pictures showing one of my typical days (Tuesday to be exact). Some of them are pretty mundane and some are pretty darn funny (thanks Fran). I am not including all of the pictures taken because, as you are about to find out, there are too many as it is.


Rise & shine!!

Need the coffee

Ahh…now I need to check email, google reader, and facebook.

Oh Fran! Cleaning up after her.


Now it is time for work!

Such a small space, but I love it.

Books must go back on the shelves.

Even so, I always have time for you!

Time to go home to this face.


Then it is time for homework.

And time for cooking dinner.

Then, I would normally give Forrest a hug and a big kiss when he walked through the door but there is no picture to prove it.

Instead, here is a picture of me eating dinner!

Playing with Fran comes next.

(she hates me forever and ever amen)

Now here is a gap in the pictures because I have one of me reading on the couch, but I’m getting pretty sick of looking at my face and I’m sure you are too.

So let’s jump on ahead to when I brush my teeth!

Late night (late night=9pm…ahem) reading with my Fran.

We love you dad!!

(seriously Fran??? you couldn’t take one good picture?)

Coming next: Weekend adventures with the best Cameron and Christina around.



One thought on “A Day in the Life…

  1. Your dad’s favorite gift of all time I have to say. He even said “hey, I would love one of those every year.” And “I need one of Forrest too.” So keep that filed!!

    You make me smile. Can’t wait to hug you in person!! Hopefully….

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