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Happy Tuesday!

A list of sorts:

1. Yesterday I put up a picture of our strawberries. Check out this other beauty growing in our yard:

Gosh, I love plants and gardens.

FYI: Forrest is the genius in the garden. My role is pulling weeds when I’m told, admiring the growing beauty and bounty of our garden, and admiring a certain gardener, if you know what I’m sayin’…

2. Today was my official second week of work at the Ridgefield branch, and even though my shift was only five hours my feet hurt so bad.

Oh my.

Granted, black flats without any kind of arch support don’t help much…

So, until I can afford to put down some serious dollars on Clarks or Born’s I bought these cushy shoes from Target.

LOVE them.

I don’t know if you can tell but they’re pink.


3. During my library shift I kept finding books I wanted to take home…

Oy. I don’t have time for these, but gosh darn it, I’m sure going to try to squeeze ’em in.

FYI: Watch out! I’ve got two library cards now.

4. Finally, ever since I woke up this morning I’ve been documenting my day through pictures. For father’s day, my dad wanted “a day in the life of elizabeth,” so like any good, kind, thoughtful, wonderful daughter I am going to grant that request. Today has been the day and it’s been pretty fun so far. My co-workers got a kick out of it and helped me take a few pictures. I don’t want to post all of the pictures just yet, but after Father’s Day I’ll post them. I’ll call the post “A Day in the Life of Elizabeth.” (pretty original, right?) But here is a preview:

Yep. I’m a librarian.




One thought on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. 1. BEAUTIFUL! Well done. I like how you pull weeds “when [you’re] told.” CBMW would be proud.
    2. Need more details or a side pic of the shoes please, am concerned these still will not support your arches.
    3. I really have to go to the library without Caleb soon. I always take him along, thinking, “it’s good for him.” But it means we skedaddle real quick because he’s a) trying to pull books off shelves, b) loud, c) captain supersquirm, d) all o’ the above.
    4. Best Father’s Day Idea Ever.

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