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A Librarian is…

Over the course of the last three days I have been in orientation. They were eight-hour days of sitting and listening to all things library.

Usually, I am not a fan of orientation, but this one has been different. Everyone that works at the library has shown so much passion about what they do and that alone is infectious. Even the topics covered have been really interesting and get my heart a-beating faster. Today, for example, was eight hours of reference questions and reader’s advisory.


Like the nerd I am, I’ve been talking copious notes and every once in a while I would jot down a statement about librarian idiosyncrasies that I noticed from things presenters were saying. Here they are for your reading pleasure:

Librarians LOVE acronyms.

Librarians are a cautious bunch.

Librarians love to communicate.

Librarians are detail conscious.

Obviously those are broad generalizations and I’m willing to stand corrected on any of them (and I already know there is wiggle room and exceptions for all of them).

(I feel like I just negated myself for those statements.)

(Oh well.)

Anyway, I’m super excited (and a little scared) to answer reference questions and do reader’s advisory with perfect strangers.

Book reviews are coming soon for this site. I’m sorry for the lack of them lately. I’ve been reading a lot about research and technology, which can sometimes be exciting for me but probably would put you straight to sleep.

In closing, you should all watch this video. It’s hilarious, and while it is about librarians, I think you’ll relate.




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