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The Librarian

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought that maybe she’d like to be a librarian. She loved books and she loved helping people find books so after thinking, talking, worrying, and then over thinking, over talking, and over worrying the girl decided to go to library school. Her future, though still fuzzy around the edges, was beginning to take shape.

(that button says “future librarian”)

School was tough, but any time the girl wanted to throw in the towel there was always the voice of reason that reminded her why she started this journey in the first place and to keep on truckin’ along.

The girl believed that she wouldn’t be a ‘librarian’ until her diploma was in hand and her nameplate was affixed, but at a first day orientation for a library job that felt small in comparison to the big things she wanted to do, she was told that starting today she is a librarian. Even though there are more classes to attend, articles to read, and projects to complete the girl could now (proudly) say, “Why yes, I am a librarian! How can I help you?”

That girl’s going to need a new button.

The End.

(not really)

(it’s an incomplete story because it isn’t over yet.)

(does that make sense?)




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