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Happy Memorial Day

Apparently the Johnson’s are all about nature this weekend.  Forrest and I, along with our little chihuahua dog, took a drive to Forest Park (ha – Forrest and Forest) for a hike. It was delightful, until we got to a fork in the road and Fran would go no further because of a group of ruffians.

(They weren’t ruffians, just regular human beings)

Here is Forrest dutifully driving

Me and Frannie


On the trail

climbing on up

Made it!

My lovely Fran

After the hike I got some homework done (blerg) and then we had this fabulous dinner:

Happy Memorial Day everyone!




One thought on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. One statement…you all have a delightful life!

    OK one more…I love watching the prayers answered that I began praying for you in the womb. A love for God. A love of books. A love of music. A loving wonderful husband. Those are just a few. I must say…God’s work is brilliant!!

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