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Weekend Adventures

You’ll be happy to know that despite the fun times and adventures you are about to read, I did get some homework done this weekend.

Or, maybe you don’t really care whether or not I got homework done.


Anyway, first things first: the kitchen at the little yellow house has been put to good use this weekend. In an attempt to keep a certain sister-in-law in Oregon, we Johnson’s put out all the stops.

First on the menu was spicy pulled pork. The recipe is here.

Wowza. It was…amazing. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it. The recipe called for Dr. Pepper, but due to a high fructose corn syrup intolerance we opted for Pepsi throwback.

Then on Saturday morning I whipped up a batch of lemon, blueberry pancakes.

With the exception of a rogue blueberry squirting juice all over my sweatshirt it was a pretty fantastic experience.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of either of my masterpieces, but this morning Forrest made bagels.

From scratch.

Let me say that again: Forrest made bagels from scratch.

Who knew such a thing was possible??

Soooooo good.

I’m so impressed by that fellow.

Needless to say, we had a lot of successes in the kitchen this weekend.

No, Fran did not get to partake in any of our bounty.

Sorry chum.

In other news, on Friday I started to get the itch to start a new knitting project. Then I remembered this blanket that a fellow book club member had been crocheting and I decided to do some internet searching for granny square patterns. That’s when I came upon this beauty:

Oh my. I want that for my house.

Perhaps a tad ambitious? Who knows.

In any case I found the 1970’s Better Homes and Garden book that had this pattern at Powell’s for $2 and then bought a few skeins at Yarn Garden (I’m going to need a lot more yarn/colors than just these three):

I learned how to crochet a long time ago, and I am definitely a bit rusty. I got a book from the library and am using web tutorials to reacquaint myself with the craft of using only one needle. Trickier than I thought it would be.

Now, I am about to tell you about an adventure I took on Saturday with Forrest and Annika, but I want to tell you up front that I forgot to bring my camera with me.

I apologize in advance.

Please don’t be mad at me.

Forrest, Annika, and I took the thirty-five minute (aka: very long) drive up to Ridgefield, WA to visit the little library where I’ll be working.

It was small, personable, bright, and friendly. I met two of the staff and they were so welcoming and wonderful. I’m nervous about the amount of time I’ll be in the car, but I am so thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to start.

After visiting the library we walked to the corner grocery store for an ice cream cone. Then we drove up to the nature reserve just outside of town and walked the beautiful trails. It was peaceful and smelled amazing…

…but sometimes I don’t do so well in environments like that. You see, I scare easily, and apparently, so does Annika.

There were tons of garter snakes along the path that would skitter into the bushes when we walked by, and every single time either Annika or myself would make a yelping noise and jump in the air.

(I also tend to do a little hopping maneuver while grabbing onto Forrest’s arm. It’s quite delightful, actually.)

In any case, I think I may have disrupted the wildlife and any nearby outdoors-y people.

In fact, if any wildlife and/or outdoors-y people are reading this: I apologize for my city-girl ways blundering to the surface whilst on the trails carved by whoever carves those trails.

All in all a terrific weekend that isn’t even over! Hurray for holiday’s.

What have you been up to?




One thought on “Weekend Adventures

  1. although car time is bad for the environment, it is a great time for . . .
    AUDIO BOOKS! or podcasts. i am like the queen of podcasts. if you need any suggestions, hit me up! and they are free!

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