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Remember when the sky was blue and new birds were visiting my little yellow house?

Yeah…me too.

Today showed promise of sun and blue sky, but the rain hath come!

Usually I love a good rainy day, and with the amount of homework I’ve got it is probably a good thing that it is raining and not sunny.

But today, the rain makes me want to watch a movie, start a knitting project, and drink tea all day long.

I don’t want to do my homework!

(she said while kicking her feet in defiance and growing purple in the face from yelling)

Oh responsibility…how I hate thee!

Okay, I’m done complaining.

To offset the grumbles here are some websites that have made me smile and/or covet their food and style:

The Pioneer Woman

The Mod Antiquarian





(ps: The pioneer woman signs all her posts “Love, Ree” and I love the personable-ness of that. For awhile I thought, I can’t do the same thing! I can’t copy her! Well, I’m throwing that conviction right out the window and I am adopting her signature because I want to. And because I can. So there.)


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