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The Miracle of Panty Hose

Or, maybe I should title this post, “Twists and turns and unexpected blessings.” Either way, plop into a comfy chair, couch, or bean bag and read on!

About three weeks ago I saw a posting for a part-time library assistant job at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library and decided to apply. I wasn’t itching to work in Vancouver, but when a job offers part-time hours with full medical benefits you should probably just apply and see where it leads you.

So I took my own advice and made the long, arduous trek across the river (it only took me fifteen minutes). It became quickly apparent that you can’t just “apply” for a library job. Oh no, my friend. There are multiple hoops that must be jumped through.

I understand the hoops. It weeds out the qualified from the un-qualified. Separates the sheep from the goats. The chaff from the wheat.


Thankfully, I passed every test they threw at me all in the course of one week and then was called in for an interview.

Dun, dun, dun.

Do you remember when I was doing the 30-day-shred and trying to lose weight and I told you that I looked at articles online for advice on what and what not to eat? Do you remember what a crazy person that made me?

Well, you’d think I would learn my lesson.

Instead of just calling friends and asking, “hey, what should I wear to this interview,” I perused website after website and balked at the advice I was given. Where was I going to get an affordable suit at such late notice?? (They called for an interview on a Tuesday and I went in on a Wednesday morning at 8am)

I finally settled on buying a cheap (but nice!) black collared shirt, ironed my white pants, made a mental list of my strengths and weaknesses and went to bed on Tuesday night with thoughts of – what if I don’t wake up on time? what if I’m late? what if I can’t think of anything to say and stare blankly at the wall?

Well, I did wake up on time!

(applause, applause, applause)

But when I had everything buttoned and tucked in and turned to Forrest for final inspection he pointed out a lipstick stain on my waistband.

HOW DID THAT GET THERE?? It’s not like you put your pants on over your face. That stain is still a mystery to me.

I quickly stripped down and changed into a dress, but heavens to betsy! This girl didn’t have a pair of panty hose anywhere in the house.

From all my internet perusal’s I had learned that if wearing a dress or skirt one MUST also wear panty hose so as not to shock potential employers with the sight of your bare legs.

I actually made that last part up.


With barely any time to spare I dashed to the corner Walgreens and waited at the front doors for them to open at 7. See, even though my interview wasn’t until 8 I was told that if I wasn’t there at 7:45 I wouldn’t be interviewed. I wanted to give myself a solid forty-five minutes to get to Vancouver (a little much, I know) so that just in case there was an accident or traffic I wouldn’t be late.

Mercifully, Walgreens opened promptly at 7 and I rushed to pick out a pair of panty hose that turned out to be too big. Ladies, you can sympathize. Wearing panty hose that is even one size too big leaves you feeling like your crotch is at your knees. Not pretty, I know, but a reality nonetheless.

I ended up getting to the interview…thirty minutes early.


Why do I freak out so bad?

I left the interview feeling confident and insecure all at the same time. I kept thinking of things I should have said or shouldn’t have said, but I was also thankful that the ordeal was over and now I just had to wait for the news.

Whew this post is getting long. Why don’t you take a bathroom break.

I’ll wait.

Okay. On Friday, Steve, Lesta, and Annika were here for Forrest’s graduation when the library called and left a message. The message said I should call them back as soon as I could – was it good news or bad??

GOOD! They offered me the coveted, part-time position (not the sub position that I also applied for) and much rejoicing ensued in our little yellow house. I’ll never forget finishing the phone conversation with Vancouver, coming back inside from our deck upstairs and yelling “I got the job!” and then hearing the ear-splitting cheers from downstairs. Good memory.

Anyway, everything was fine until Monday when they called with my schedule. I hadn’t mentioned in the interview that once a month on Saturday’s I have class. I assumed, once a month won’t be a big deal, and hey, I am going to library school so that makes me more valuable to them as an employee.

Well, you know what they say about assuming…

I lost the job.

And then I cried… a lot.

They offered me the sub position, which I took, and then said they really did want me to work for them and that there was another possible part-time position opening. They said that if it opened they’d call by Wednesday.

No call on Wednesday so I sang, “A sub’s the life for me.”

(Not really.)

Then, to make a long story even longer…

They called yesterday and I got the other part-time job!!

It’s in Ridgefield, WA, which is going to be about a 30 mile commute each way, but I can’t wait to start. In fact, I’m pretty convinced that this branch is the perfect start to my library career. I talked with them today and it sounds like the town is small, everyone knows everyone else, and they all love the library. She told me they’ll expect me to ask a lot of questions and make mistakes…because everyone makes mistakes. I’ll get to help people find what they’re looking for and I might even get to answer some reference desk questions. Only five people work at the library…I can hardly wait.

My first library job…

I’m pretty excited about it.

If you read all of that you are a champion and deserve a medal. Let me know if you want one and I’ll make it for you.

(Warning: will be made from construction paper with copious amounts of glitter)

Till next time…


3 thoughts on “The Miracle of Panty Hose

  1. I want one!!! I hate glitter but LOVE this posting! You rock…you and your low riding pantyhose :)

  2. seriously, congrats. you should be so proud!
    i recently just got a tiny little dream job myself, and it feels sooooo good to put my education to good use!

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