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School’s Out!

One of the many things I love about Forrest is his eclectic love of instruments, new and old.

For his upcoming graduation I was planning on getting him a really nice, commemorative book of Flannery O’Connor stories. He has been a little obsessed with her for the last few months due to a short story class he was taking.

But on Saturday while we were adventuring through town he saw an old pipe organ that stole his heart from first glance. After some deliberation we decided that the little organ would be my gift to Forrest for completing his undergrad.

Good bye Flannery.

Hello pipe organ.

Hello happy Forrest.

It actually does not sound too bad. Think Arcade Fire, Matt & Kim, DeVotchKa kind of music.

If you have no idea what any of those bands sounds like, think pipe organ meets accordian.

We think it was used by traveling preachers back in the olden days.

I think we are going to strip the paint and stain it. Or, according to Forrest, we could strip the paint and then paint it black, red, and white.

You know – in honor of Brandon Roy.

That’s where I draw the line.


Another thing I love about Forrest is just how crafty he is.

On Sunday we took Coke bottles and made some hummingbird feeders.

Welcome to craft hour with the Johnson’s!

Just grab some cleaned out bottles. We chose Coke bottles because of the red label. Hummingbirds LOVE red.

We took some copper wire and wrapped it around the top so we could hang the bottles, and then Forrest wrapped some around the bottom to create a little perch for the birds.

So thoughtful.

We also bought some little stoppers (not pictured) that are placed in the opening of the bottle. The birds drink the nectar from the stoppers. Got it? Good.

If you complete these steps you too could be as happy and excited as this guy.

Here are the finished products hanging just outside our door. No visitors yet, that we know of, but we’re hopeful that word will get out in the hummingbird community and they’ll be showing up in droves.

Fran didn’t seem too entertained by all our craftiness.

Cheer up Frannie!

Even though the weather was a little on the soggy side this weekend that didn’t stop us from buying pipe organs, making hummingbird feeders, or gardening. I wish I had some before and after pictures of our yard and garden. Weeds had taken over, but with the help of my friend Crystal on Friday and the Johnson team on Sunday we conquered the weeds and planted lovely flowers and vegetables in their place.

I love it when school is out.


4 thoughts on “School’s Out!

  1. This is all very true except that we did not buy a pipe organ, we bought a reed/pump organ. Our house is a bit too small for a pipe organ :) Also, you should show ’em pictures of the gardens!

  2. What a treasure!!! Can’t wait to see it.

    Mimi would have loved loved loved your hummingbird feeders. She LOVED hummingbirds!! I love that family floats in the genes :)

    Hooray for summer!

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