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Dogs, Interviews, & Veggie Lasagna

Usually I inundate you with pictures and anecdotes of my little dog Francie, so named after a character in my most favorite book of all time – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  However, another little dog, though not quite as little as my five pounder, has stolen my heart.

Meet Oso.

Oh, hi there buddy!!

This dog loves to cuddle even more than Francie.  He would follow me all around the house and then let me hold him like a baby and look at me with those sweet, sleepy eyes.


I didn’t want to see him go.

My dear friend Laura was going out of town and I volunteered to watch Oso for her. I’ll admit that the first two days were a little trying for me and the dog. I’m not too fond of pee on my window seat or my favorite pair of black sandals being chewed up rather thoroughly.  But, in Oso’s defense, I did leave him home alone all day and what’s a dog to do but pee on stuff and get destructive?

I don’t hold it against him.

Especially because for the rest of the weekend he followed me, cuddled me, and generally made me fall in love with him.

Am I talking about a man or a dog?


Anyway, I love him.

Come back Oso!!!!!!


How did Fran take all of this?

Oh, you know.

She growled at Oso, aggravated Oso, and generally tried to stake out her territory.

Every once in a while she would soften up and try to play with him, but poor Fran, I don’t think dogs know how to interpret her playful advances. She can be a little off-putting.

However, a frequent scenario over the weekend involved Fran cuddled in my shirt (it’s what she does) with Oso on my lap.


In other news, I had my interview this morning for the Beaverton Library Children’s Summer Intern.  I thought it went pretty well until I realized on my way home that I forgot to spit my gum out beforehand.  Oops. Isn’t that a no-no in an interview?

I feel kind of neutral about it. I would like to be offered the position because I like the affirmation, but can I really afford all the gas I’ll need in order to make the frequent trips to Beaverton. Blech. I should know if I got it by next week.

In closing, Forrest made this lasagna for dinner last week and it blew me away.

I love a man who can cook, don’t you?

Speaking of food, I need to go get dinner ready for my man.


2 thoughts on “Dogs, Interviews, & Veggie Lasagna

  1. I love when my inbox reads “Newberry Quest – new post” – this means I get to spend a little quality time with a dear friend (and sweet Fran) even when I can’t see your face! Miss you tons and hope you are enjoying some break time!

  2. Dad says….”Oso is o so sweet. O so cute. O so lovable. And o so….in love with my daughter …but then who wouldn’t be?” (Dads..gotta love em)

    He is O SO RIGHT!!!! :)

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