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Weekend Adventures

You’ll be happy to know that despite the fun times and adventures you are about to read, I did get some homework done this weekend. Or, maybe you don’t really care whether or not I got homework done. Whatever. Anyway, first things first: the kitchen at the little yellow house has been put to good … Continue reading



I was going to write to you today about my recent kitchen victories, but a few minutes ago I found out that soon-to-be published author and fellow book club member, Bridget Zinn passed away this week. Death. It’s all around us. I only met Bridget a few times but her positive, frank, and humorous personality … Continue reading



Have you ever felt incapable of getting things done? UR! I keep stressing out and thinking: “I’ve got to do homework! I’ve got so much to do!” BAH! Then, when I have the time, I don’t do my homework. Instead I like to… take naps, watch tv, read books (just finished Water for Elephants), re-arrange … Continue reading

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Friday Celebrationpalooza

On Friday of last week we celebrated several things. First, we celebrated Forrest’s graduation from Multnomah! What a stud. Ahhhh…mi amore. I love this picture with all my heart. Second, we celebrated Annika’s 19th birthday. I made her this cake: You just take a little chocolate cake… a little chocolate for the frosting… and a … Continue reading