Oh. My. Laundry.

You know how sometimes your laundry basket is overflowing? You know how sometimes your laundry basket is overflowing and there are dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor and bathroom floor? You know how sometimes you put off washing said clothes in overflowing laundry basket and floor and hope that maybe they’ll magically wash themselves?

No? Just me?

Well then.

This week was a little busier than normal for me. Instead of working two and a half days like normal I worked four full days in a row and as a result I kind of, sort of, maybe didn’t stay on top of all the house chores. Add to that an already bulging laundry basket (as you’ve probably already gathered) and you’ve got a Mt. Everest of dirty clothes just begging to be clean.


For those of my readers that have children or more than just two people to do laundry for, my hat, gloves, and shoes are off to you. I can’t imagine how you stay on top of it.

I’m happy to say that, as of this morning, I have finished my second semester of grad school (WOO HOO). Now will commence two weeks of celebration until my summer semester starts.

The month of May is turning out to be quite the extravaganza. Forrest will finally don a blue gown and cap and receive his diploma from Multnomah. Steve and Lesta (Forrest’s parents) are traveling up for the occasion, and in addition to celebrating Forrest’s freedom from college we’ll also whoop it up for Annika’s birthday. Then my lovely mom’s birthday and brother’s birthday is this month, in addition to my dear friend Missy’s.


Why, hello United States Postal Office! I’ll be seeing a lot of you this month!

For now, I’ve got to go. Laundry is calling my name.


One thought on “Oh. My. Laundry.

  1. HOORAY for the United States Postal Service!!! ahem….just sayin’ :)

    Hope the rest of your weekend is laundry free!! Tho the pile grows like its rising yeast bread. Sigh.

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