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What a gorgeous weekend!

On Friday, Forrest and I camped out on our upstairs deck, and while Forrest did homework I was equally productive and read “Freedom” all day long.

My lobster red skin can attest to that fact.

Then Annika got here and we went to the Good Friday service at Imago Dei, which was … good (more accurately, it was moving, humbling, thought-provoking, etc.).  Then we had the privilege of going over to Coava, a coffee shop in town, where we got to be the pretend judges for our friend Devin, who was practicing for his presentation at the upcoming United States Barista Championship.  He did awesome, and we’re all rooting for him to win this week.

On our way home we decided, rather impulsively, to introduce Annika to the gourmet and delicacy of food carts, specifically potato champions on Hawthorne. YUM!

Saturday was equally as lovely with a sunny morning on the deck, crazy crowds at H&M, and an amazing Blazer win.

Sunday was lovely, but not weather-wise.


Oh Portland. When will you get with the program and give us sunshine on Easter??

Anyway, Easter is usually a pretty good excuse to get a new dress.

I got this beauty on sale at H&M amidst the jostling of several people. My apologies for not getting a picture of me actually in the dress. Oops. I always think to take pictures after the fact.

Easter is also the time to catch up on some homework (or watch some Blazer highlights):

Please ignore the messiness of our room. I can wash laundry just fine. Folding it and putting it away is a whole other story.

Easter is for laying on the couch and cuddling a lazy-eyed dog…

…while watching re-runs of Boy Meets World.

It’s also a time for homemade bread,

some potato soup,

and some pie…

“J” for Jesus…

I’m pretty proud of how this pie turned out.

As you can tell by all the pictures.

How was your Easter? What did you do?


One thought on “Easter!

  1. Looks like a delightfully perfect weekend. I had to do a double take on the picture because I thought it was you and Fran on couch. :)

    What did we do? We had a wonderful Good Friday service. Saturday we got to spend extra time together which is always a bonus! Sunday was an amazing service. Then home for ham. And ham. And more ham. I think we’ve had our quota for the month…. possibly the entire year !! :)

    Have you read Sarah’s Key? Can’t remember the author. A French woman. Jami if you are reading this comment…comment :) Help me here! It is a really good read.

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