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Just some things

Hi-dee-ho neighbor!

So, despite a sore throat and feeling a little worn out I decided to move the furniture around.

It’s good for the soul, okay?

Plus, moving furniture around makes me feel like I have ‘new’ things.

And yes, that is I Love Lucy on the TV.

I love her and all of her shenanigans.

I think Fran approves of the re-arrangement.

In other news, Annika gave us this painting.

I LOVE it.

It reminds me of Mary Poppins and windy days.

Remember this?

I can hardly believe this was over a year ago.

I miss it terribly, but thank goodness for longer hair.

Spring is finally coming to Portland:

It still feels cold, but I’m thankful for a little bit of sun, blue sky, and quality time on our upstairs deck.

In closing, I’ll be making this for dinner tonight…I can’t wait!!

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Just some things

  1. So glad you posted pictures! I love the new look. I love that you love to do the same thing that I do. It is about the soul…in an odd way. Feels like a do over, and those are always welcome in my book. Feels like a new room and that’s always a bonus! Can’t wait to sit on that new couch ….hopefully sooner than later. I miss you something fierce!

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