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Remember my little dilemma I shared with you a few days ago?

It gets worse.

(in a good way)

Today, I found this book on the hold shelf with my name on it.

I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time.

I put it on hold a couple of months ago and I think I was #500 or something. I wasn’t expecting to get this for a long time, but here it is.

So, dilemma solved.

I’m reading “Room” and I’m pretty pumped about it.

Also, it’s this guy’s birthday tomorrow.

I just love him.

I made a carrot cake this afternoon (frosting to come tomorrow), we’re going to the Lakers/Blazers game tonight, and Medford to see the grandparents tomorrow.

…plus homework…



Till next time.


One thought on “Seriously??

  1. What a delightful surprise ending to your dilemma…hope it’s a good read.

    Happy Birthday to the man in your life! He is the perfect Prince for our lovely Princess. Hope the cake is delicious and the weekend a blast. Hug him for us.


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