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Day 21 & REVIEW

It’s early.

But I’ve got coffee by my side.

And a Fran still upstairs in bed (lazy bones).

And at some point this morning I’m going to sweat it out to the tune of LEVEL THREE.


I kind of feel like I don’t deserve level three because my consistency in level two was not so good. I did the workout every day, but when it got really hard I would take a break, muttering at the women who were still going strong on-screen. But, I only have that DVD for a few more days, so I’m moving on up.

On to more exciting news…

my very first official book review is in print!!!!

The April edition of the School Library Journal just came out, and you can see my review here.  Scroll down to the last name, Hall, C. Aubrey and there it is. It feels like the amateurish review it should be for my first time, and I’m excited to keep working at it and perfecting it, while thoroughly enjoying the whole process.

Last night I finished my first read through of the third book they’ve sent me so far, and I’m excited to start picking it apart. Now, if only I could get paid to do this I’d leave library school so fast it’d make your head spin. :)

In other news…

I have class tonight and a group presentation (gulp) tomorrow.

There’s almost nothing I hate more than talking to a group of people, especially when I can’t even properly pronounce the topic’s name: rural.

Rural. Rural. Rural.

Try it. It’s harder than you think.

When I say it I sound like some kind of dying motor.

Anyway, it’s tomorrow at 10 a.m., so any prayers or well wishes would be appreciated.

Other than that, life is fairly normal for the Johnson clan.

Rainy days.

Lazy Fran.

Lots of homework.


Till next time…


3 thoughts on “Day 21 & REVIEW

  1. Elizabeth I think it’s a great first book review! Wow to be published…good for you! Seriously you would quit library school?

    • No, I wouldn’t quit library school. These initial classes have been really difficult in terms of not holding my interest or inspiring me to continue with the program. Thankfully I am stepping into some volunteer opportunities that remind me why I’m doing this. :)
      My first love really is reading books and then writing about them, so if there was a way to do that I might choose to devote more time to that and less to a library position.
      By the way, your daughter is so beautiful!

  2. I love hearing about your life. You make normal events sound enchanting. A sign of a good….no a sign of a GREAT author!!

    Rural is a tricky word. I said it so much that Stella left the room :) I’ll be praying for you.

    Hooray for published work! Off to read it right now. Where can I get one of those buttons to wear that say “my daughter is a published author”???? :)

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