Oh. My. Laundry.

You know how sometimes your laundry basket is overflowing? You know how sometimes your laundry basket is overflowing and there are dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor and bathroom floor? You know how sometimes you put off washing said clothes in overflowing laundry basket and floor and hope that maybe they’ll magically wash themselves? … Continue reading

Food / Home


What a gorgeous weekend! On Friday, Forrest and I camped out on our upstairs deck, and while Forrest did homework I was equally productive and read “Freedom” all day long. My lobster red skin can attest to that fact. Then Annika got here and we went to the Good Friday service at Imago Dei, which … Continue reading

Francie / Home


Here are a few pictures from the weekend. This is us at the Blazer/Lakers game on Friday night. It was epic. It required some intense concentration. Alas, no pictures of the weekend with the grandparents or carrot cake masterpiece. I did however snap this picture today of my little Fran. It’s her new favorite spot. … Continue reading


Day 30

That’s right. Day 30 is HERE. My poor body thought this day would never come. Do I feel different? Did I lose “twenty pounds in thirty days” like the DVD case claims? Yes… …no. How I feel different: I think I’m stronger than I was on day 1 Whenever I laugh my abs hurt and … Continue reading