Day 17

How do I say this eloquently…

oh yeah…


I’m going to blame that burst of dramatic expression on all the teen fiction I’ve been reading lately. Good excuse, right?


Today I finished day 17 of the shred, day 7 of level 2. It is kicking my you-know-what. Seriously. I’ve come to loathe the phrase, “plank position” and dread the morning because I know I’ve got twenty minutes of sweat, grunting, and pain.

It’s not pretty.

You’re probably thinking, “twenty minutes? psh.”

Yeah, psh.

Thankfully, my hero of a husband endured Jillian with me this weekend and I was reminded of how important community is.

I usually prefer solo adventures and introspective activities as opposed to rip-roaring community gatherings or bonding. But, after working out for so many days by myself I was feeling a little depressed. What I needed, and was graciously given, was someone to sweat it out with me and confirm that it is hard but rewarding. Thanks Forrest. You’re my hero.

Book news: I got my third book from SLJ for review – WOOT! When I open my front door and see that manila envelope containing a book that isn’t even on shelves at bookstores I kind of feel like Christmas came early for this amateur reviewer. I’m on my first read through of it this week and it’s pretty good. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Library news: I am applying for a summer internship at the Beaverton library children’s department. This internship would give me all the experience I’ve been wanting, and will probably convince me once and for all whether children’s librarianship is for me or not. I’ll keep you posted.

I have class this weekend and a group presentation…trying to keep those positive thoughts at the forefront instead of sinking into the mire of anxiety and depression.

Ah…the drama.

Till next time.


One thought on “Day 17

  1. It’s a good day whenever a book is found on the porch! WOOT for a gift in the midst of all mire :)

    Speaking of mire….I’m praying for you as you wade through it this week/weekend. I love that you always rise to the top!! Beaming here…so proud of you!

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