Day 10

That’s right. I finished day 10 of level 1 for the “shred” and it feels pretty good.

I spent some time this morning with these lovelies:

And some time with this lovely:

In order to stay motivated with my last day on level 1 I muted Jillian and blasted motivating music instead. I can only take hearing the same dialogue so many times.

TEN DAYS!!! Never in my life have I worked out for ten days straight.

How do I feel, you ask?

Pretty good. This weekend was hard in terms of food, and once again I erred too much on one side of the spectrum. Instead of taking in all the calories I’m ‘allowed’ via livestrong.com I tried to have a good 600 calories left over at the end of the day.


Grumpy, weepy Elizabeth. Sheesh. Wise people in my life (Laura, my mom, and Forrest) all encouraged me to eat those calories and then reminded me of the importance of balance.

With that said, here was my lovely breakfast this morning:

Scrambled eggs (no milk added), avocado, chicken breakfast sausage, grape nuts, blueberries, and water. YUM!

I’m learning how to enjoy food but view it as fuel for my body rather than something to do while watching TV.

Confession: I LOVE eating in front of the TV. In fact, if I’m watching something and the characters are eating/drinking something then I usually get a craving for something similar. That’s why Gilmore Girls is so dangerous for me. :)

In other news, I had a TERRIBLE dream last night. I dreamed that we gave Francie away so we could get a bigger dog, but when I realized what a horrible mistake that was and begged to get Francie back it was too late. It was so, so sad.

I love this dog.

I know she isn’t cute all the time…

…but who is, really?

While I hope we do have a bigger dog someday, I don’t want one if that means we have to say goodbye to this little love.

Have a good day!


2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. You are rockin’ in friend! I too have a hard time with balance once I set my mind to do something. You aren’t alone in the muffin top department – right there with ya! Shred is coming soon to my living room. :)

  2. Ladies…muffin tops came as a result of the low low low ride pants. Mary Tyler Moore would have had a muffin top if she was sitting down with the pants these days. Sheesh!

    On the other hand…hooray Elizabeth for 10 days of shredding! You whoop a@# girl!!!!

    Last but not least….I love Fran!! She makes me smile..no matter the pose…she melts my heart. Always. But then again…so do you my sweet baby girl. Speaking of Elizabeth here and not Fran :)

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