Work it out

Oh. My. Goodness.

Last week, Jillian Michael’s “30 Day Shred” was innocuously sitting on the hold shelf at the library with my name on it. I put off starting it because…well…I was afraid. If you have ever watched Biggest Loser on TV you realize just how crazy Jillian is. Never a fan of pain or discomfort, I let the DVD sit around unused until last Saturday when I gave it a try.

Oh. My.

It is a twenty-minute workout with three circuits of 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs. No rest in between. People who are in better shape than me probably would not find this as hard as I do, but I couldn’t walk or sit normally for three days afterward. I’m pretty proud to say that despite the soreness/pain I pushed through and continued to do the workout. A part of me liked the pain because it meant I was working hard and my body was changing.

I even saw a difference in how I approached other areas of my week. Tuesday’s are a really long day for me: I work from 8:30-5 and then volunteer at the library from 6-8. This last Tuesday morning I got out of bed earlier than normal, did the workout, and was pleasantly surprised at the extra energy and motivation I felt throughout the rest of the day. I wanted to work harder at my job and at the library and didn’t feel the exhaustion until I got home.

Now that the soreness has subsided a little, I made a huge mistake. I wasn’t seeing the ‘result’s’ I wanted by day 4 so I started looking online at diet plans and what foods to eat or not eat when trying to lose weight (I want to lose that darn ‘muffin top’ that is so embarrassing). Yikes. Those websites only induced a suffocating, overwhelming feeling that made me question whether I should even eat a banana (a large banana is 121 calories). Even as I confess that crazy mindset I realize how ridiculous and CRAZY it sounds. Questioning if I should eat a piece of fruit???!!!!!

I like lists, concrete examples, and a plan. Looking at all of those websites only made me feel like I couldn’t possibly create a plan that would work for my lifestyle and I would never reach my goal.

Gross. That is NOT how I want to live my life or treat my body. Not okay.

So, this is my plan…

  • Continue the shred to the end. It’s important to me to finish something strong. Too often I give up when it hurts or gets too tough. I want to see this through to the end and just focus on today instead of the other twenty-three days to go.
  • Eat healthy. This means incorporating more fruits, veggies, and healthy protein into my diet. I’m going to say goodbye to desserts and salty foods/snacks for a while and I’m going to drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  • I’m not giving up coffee, but I’m only going to drink one cup a day and cut back on the amount of cream I put in it. More herbal teas for me!
  • I’m going to watch my calories, but not obsess over them.

What do you think? Some of you might want to say, “you don’t need to worry about all of this,” but I’m tired of feeling embarrassed by the flab around my stomach that is painfully visible whenever I sit down or bend over. I want to be healthy…and I realize this goes much deeper than eating right or exercising regularly.

Thanks for listening to all of this!
Now I’m going to cuddle my dog and get some homework done.


One thought on “Work it out

  1. You are totally normal! It sounds like you have things in good perspective and being reasonable with your plan. I am on the journey right now too. I am wanting to feel healthy and comfortable in my own skin again! I have been doing the P90x dvds 4-5 times a week (but I really only have time for 30 min of each video). And I am tracking my calories on livestrong.com. I have lost 12 pounds since January am feel stronger, more confident and have more energy! I say all of that to encourage you. You don’t need to obsess about a banana ;) You seem to be doing the right things and making the right choices! Best of luck to you in your journey!

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