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A trip down memory lane & a vote

Welcome to the first ever 2011 Header Competition!! Below you’ll be introduced to eight contestants, all hoping to be picked as the new Newbery Quest header. Take your time and once you’ve made your decision cast your vote! How do you do that, you ask? Just leave a comment with the number (1,2,3, etc) that you think would look best in the coveted header position. Have fun!

Contestant #1

This is a classic. Here we have little Libs asleep on a pile of books. I still do this today folks, but I’ve outgrown the stage where people take pictures of it.

Contestant #2

Here I am trying to share books. Maybe this picture was prophetic of my current professional aspirations?

Contestant #3

Oh the cheekiness. Who can stand it?

Contestant #4

The current photo displayed above. It really is pretty awesome.

Contestant #5

I still wear pig tails.

Contestant #6

Don’t bug me. I’m reading. And…check out my slippers and baby doll.

Contestant #7

A little bit older in this one, with guest appearances from Andrew, Nana, and Jen.

Contestant #8

So many books, so little time.

There you have it! Which one should proudly be displayed????


3 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane & a vote

  1. I vote for number 8, too many books, too little time to read! That’s our lady! What a beauty she has always been! Will be most interesting to see which one wins. Number 4 is a close second! Must be where she learned to read!
    Love you, sweetheart!

  2. I choose them all!!! Can’t pick just one. The subject is just too adorable. Plain and simple fact. I can say that I LOL with a couple of your witty comments and as I type I realize that I’m still smiling really big. I love that about pictures…a sweet sweet trip down memory lane that fills your heart to the very brim.

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