The following are a few things that make me either: sad, scared, or just plain tired.

1. Spiders.

You can’t tell in the picture but he had red legs.  Why?  Why do they have to have red legs?

2. Working out.

3. When these precious people have to leave Oregon and go home.

Okay, can you guess which picture goes with which emotion?


4 thoughts on “Sad

  1. I was so cozy in your little cottage until….the spider! With red legs!!!! It’s as big as the car! Or Fran! Or …. hmmm….I’m done. :) Glad it’s outside!! On another note. Can I live here???

  2. It’s pretty obvious. Parents leaving makes you scared that they’ll fall into the Grand Canyon if they’re not in Oregon where it’s safe. Treadmills make you sad because you run and run without getting anywhere. Rpspiders make you tired because you have had it up to HERE with red legs! Did I get it right??

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