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Do you really think you can do grad school? Oh sure I can… I wear big girl panties now.

Let me explain…

The other day at work Forrest watched  a three-year-old bravely slide down the fireman’s pole on the play structure and when she got to the bottom he asked, “How did you do that?!”  She replied matter-of-factly, “I wear big girl panties now,” as if that explained everything.  Well, I’m pretty proud to announce that I’ve been wearing big girl panties for a few years now and I figure if a three-year-old can make it down a fireman’s pole than I  just might survive the next two years of grad school.

Why the doubt?  Well…in a word: orientation.  It scared the ‘you know what’ out of me.  I am thankful for the wise veterans of this experience who reminded me that orientation and the first week of school are always a bit of a shock to the system.  I did try to convince Forrest that maybe I didn’t need to do this after all and maybe I could just open up a patisserie and bake chocolate cakes for the rest of my life but thankfully he talked me down.  In fact, I’ve been doing some reading for my first class next weekend and I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that librarians are like the gate keepers of all knowledge…and that’s pretty cool.

So here are my school supplies…

Pretty awesome.

In other news… two years ago today I married this guy:

Since the two-year anniversary is ‘cotton’ we decided to do some tie dye.  While I realize this will open us up to unending ridicule by some I will confidently reply that I LOVE TO TIE DYE!  Yesterday we went shopping at Ross and Marshalls and found a cute little white dress for me (with pockets!!!!) and a white zip up for Forrest.  We bought our dye kit and with garbage bags on the sidewalk and gloves on our hands we began.  Word to the wise: tie dye is messy.  Hopefully our landlord won’t mind the purple stain on the sidewalk and thankfully we didn’t mind that our hands looked like we were really cool art students who didn’t care about the dye underneath our fingernails.  Since the dye has to set for at least 6 hours we went to bed but then woke up at 4am (more like 4:30) to rinse them out and wash them.  I really, really wanted to wear the dress today.  We also needed to get up because Forrest made home-made French bread the day before and it needed to go in the oven.  I wish I had pictures of our french breakfast and even better french lunch (with produce from the downtown farmers market) but I do have pictures of our tie-dye creations…

Cute dress!  Sorry I’m not wearing it in the pic.  I had worn it all day and then changed to go to dinner and this picture was taken after all of that.  Today was a scorcher (much like our wedding) and I didn’t feel like putting it back on.

He looks pretty cool, but probably won’t be wearing it very often considering the temperature.

After all of our downtown traipsing this afternoon we came home, cleaned up and went to Stanford’s (we had a gift certificate) for dinner.

He is just so classy…

Food pictures are hard to take but this was actually really, really good.

So happy.

Well, I was going to include a library review in this post but it already feels pretty long so I’ll do it another time.  Class officially begins on Wednesday and then I have my first weekend of face-to-face class next weekend.  I would love your prayers for a clear head and confidence in my decision to do this.  And if any of you have advice for tackling grad school I’d love to hear it.

Happy weekend everyone!

Till next time…


2 thoughts on “Do you really think you can do grad school? Oh sure I can… I wear big girl panties now.


    And I am so excited for you to do grad. school!! You will do great! You are so passionate about what you are studying and you are so disciplined!!

    And if you decided you hate it….about that patisserie, if you are still interested, that is something Ryan and I are talking about me doing! :)

  2. Sorry I’ve been behind on your posts! I need to check regularly! Okay, a couple things: *’Librarians are the gate keepers of all knowledge’–amen to that. So cool. *LOVE your tie dye dress and LOVE the fact that you’re doing ‘traditional’ things for your anniversary (aka ‘cotton’). *I’m so happy for you and Forrest and your two years of marriage.

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