Summer Reading List

At my interview for Emporia I was asked this question: “What do you do in your leisure time?”  When I responded, “I love to read” along with a few other hobbies I was then told: “The reason I ask is because I now have to tell you that when you start grad school you have to give those things up.  Going to grad school really does take over your life.”  Well, it’s looking like grad school is definitely in my near future (I haven’t had the official seal of approval but pretty close) so I figure the next two and a half months is the time to stock up on reading.

Today feels like summertime and after a leisurely breakfast of homemade biscuits and coffee on our sunny deck I decided to make my summer list.  Okay, I just need to tell you about our breakfast this morning…I was going to make pancakes but Forrest wanted biscuits so he found a recipe and made them from scratch.  We don’t have a circle cookie cutter (say what?) so we used a heart shaped one.  He fried up some eggs and we made our own version of Pine State Biscuits, which were pretty darn good.  I went and got settled up on the deck and then Forrest appeared with a tray that had the plate of heart shaped biscuits and a few different jams.  While we enjoyed our breakfast and sipped our Trader Joe’s coffee I decided not to finish one book (Queen of the Tambourine) and started the first of my summer list (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society).  The main inspiration of this list are books that I’ve borrowed from friends (or bought from Powells) and have procrastinated in reading.  Here it is:

And of course I’ll read my Newbery’s.  The first three books are borrowed from Heidi, Kameron and parents respectively.  They will be returned soon! :)  I chose Emma because one classic seems like a good idea and the last book is a mystery novel that I thought was 30% off at Powells (which was why I was purchasing it) but wasn’t but they gave it to me for 30% off anyway.

What is your list???


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. I want to come over and sit on your deck and enjoy heart shaped biscuits and trader joe’s coffee!! BUT most of all to spend time reading with you. Sigh…that sounds like pure contentment.

    I don’t have a summer reading list yet…will get back to you on that!

  2. So what do you think about Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie? I want to know if it’s a good read before I take it with me to Thailand. Now I know that you are reading for fun before school starts but I just want you to know…I miss your Newberry entries. Something fierce!! I’m starving for some Elizabeth prose!! Skin and bones here…..

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