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Lois Lowry strikes again?

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about the 2011 Newbery but I have been.  And I proudly proclaim that can I check off at least one of the “possible’s” on my list.  (Most librarians could probably say they’ve checked off a lot more.) 

Lois Lowry wrote a fairy tale.  The same woman who struck fear in my heart both between the pages of The Giver and Number the Stars has written a story about a princess, a chambermaid, three horrible suitors and a schoolmaster.  I loved it!  It was the perfect escape after hours of studying every formula I could for the Math section of the GRE as well as cramming my brain full of as many new vocab words as I could.  Whew.

How did I do on the GRE, you ask?  Well, I am happy with my verbal score, have yet to find out about my essay score and basically bombed the Math. 

It was not pretty.  I’m probably going to have to take it again this summer but in the meantime I am plugging ahead and applying anyway.  This undertaking has been, so far, a whirlwind and I am trying to find my footing amidst the essays, reference requests and the reality that grades really did matter in college.  Despite all the frustration/anxiety I am really, really excited!!!! 

Even if I don’t get into grad school for the fall, I have every hope that I will eventually worm my way in and go on to become the best librarian anyone has ever seen.  And….who makes up the Newbery committee you ask????  Oh, yes.  Librarians do.

p.s. sorry pictures are so dark and backwards.  our camera battery is dead and rather than wait for it to charge i took the pictures on the mac and am now trying to publish this while at work on a break.  brighter more forward pictures soon to come!


5 thoughts on “Lois Lowry strikes again?

  1. Danielle, it’s between two school at the moment, both online programs. One is called Emporia and the other is called Drexel. Thanks for your excitement!
    Sarah, I guess I should have mentioned the title of the book, eh? Oops. It’s called The Birthday Ball. Seriously, it’s SO much fun. There is a lot of word play and the characters are easy to visualize, even without the awesome illustrations by Jules Feiffer.

  2. Okay…isn’t verbal what you want in a librarian? Who needs math!! :) One day when you are a brilliant librarian and chairman of the Newbery Committee..we will be saying “we knew her when she was blogging about Newbery award winners.” Hooray for chasing a dream!!! This mama is really proud of you!!!

  3. Remember the day you and Missy took me to take my CLEP test for math? I feel for you my dear friend. I wish I could be with you for moral support like you were on that day. I will never forget the love I felt with having you both nearby. I may be far geographically but I am rooting for you every step of the way.

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